Women who camp alone - advice

March 15, 2017

Women who camp alone.  Women like to travel in campers, too!  If you are a woman and enjoy camping and traveling alone, you might want to keep a few of these tips in mind.

  1. SAFETY:  First and foremost, make sure someone knows where you are going and check in with them once or twice a day (especially where you are landing for the night). Also, consider an emergency tracker.  These can be bought for less than $100 at places like Amazon and usually carry a charge for 12-15 days.

  2. WEAPONS:  If you are comfortable with a firearm and have the license and training, go for it.  If not, think of alternatives – wasp spray is very accurate, will spray almost 20 feet and will slow a bad guy or girl down; Keep your car keys handy if you have an alarm on your key fob; Consider a hammer placed by the bed or where you can reach it in your vehicle.  One web site recommends placing a pair of large sized men’s (used) work boots outside the door at night – these would be available cheap at thrift stores.

  3. NOISE:  Big dogs can be scary, but even small dogs can make a racket if they hear someone outside.  That is where that alarm on the key fob comes in handy!

  4. CONTACTS:  Try to make friends with other campers in the campground and always check in with the campground host if there is one.  If you encounter any problems while camping, your fellow campers are your best tool.

  5. OTHER WOMEN:  Join a camping group for women (meetings are not required).  You can pick up lots of tips, lots of ideas on where to camp and not to camp.  http://www.rvingwomen.org , www.sistersonthefly.com, http://www.lonersonwheels.com/    This is just a small list.  Check them out and look for more.

Just remember to be safe and ask questions when you are unsure about anything.  Enjoy!!!

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