Basic Equipment needed to camp

March 21, 2017

What should you have for a Camping Trip???

The camping store is full of things to entice a camper, but what do you REALLY need for a successful camping trip?

  1. 25’ WHITE water hose.You will probably not know how far your water hookup is from your camper but a 25’ will usually be enough.You may want a 10’ if you are sure the hookup will be a short distance.

  2. Water Pressure Regulator to ensure the pressure coming in from the park hookup is not too high for your hose and camper water lines.

  3. Optional, but good idea is an In-Line Water Filter to hook to your water hose.You will also need a short (6” or so) flexible hose – these usually come with the filters- or a connector that will allow your filter to hang down and not stick straight out of the camper.

  4. 10’ & 20’ sewer hose.These are 3” hoses and the thicker ML’s will cost more but be more effective in the long run.You will want to use the shortest length possible and those two sizes should cover most situations.You may also want to invest in a device (Slunky) that holds the hose off the ground and at a slant away from the camper.The connector going from the camper to the hose is normally, but not always, included with your camper.

  5. Chemicals for the Black Water Tank.These are necessary to break down solids and toilet paper in the toilet.Not using chemicals can cause a blockage in the tank.Some RV parks no longer allow formaldehyde so check before putting these in your tank.Citrus based chemicals do a good job and do not contain formaldehyde.

  6. RV Toilet Paper.These are specially made to dissolve quickly.Name brand paper can be used IF it says” Rapid Dissolving for RV’s & Boats”.

  7. Electrical adapter.If your camper is 30 AMP, you may want to invest in a 30-50 AMP adapter in the event the campground only has 50 AMP service.This will reduce the park’s power to 30 AMP for you to safely hook your camper up.If your camper is 50 AMP, you may want to invest in a 50-30 reducer.This will allow you to hook up to the lower power if necessary, but will not allow you to run a clothes dryer or two air conditioners at one time.

  8. Fuses.The same type your car uses.See what is in your converter and keep spares around.

  9. Optional but another good idea is an external power surge protector to protect your camper from power surges and dips in the RV park service that can do serious and expensive damage to the camper.

  10. Level & blocks of wood.Your camper will need to be level for your safety and convenience and the only way to do that is with blocks of wood and a level to check.You can purchase levels that stick to the camper in front and by the door or take a carpenter’s level.

There are many other things that can make your trip easier, but this list covers the essentials.

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